The first dogs of A Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue September 2015
The Journey Begins~

Our inspiration, Journey – The Journey Begins

Here are before and after pictures of Journey. His 1st picture was taken the day he was rescued from Animal Control, and the 2nd picture was taken just a few weeks before he was adopted. This is the difference you can make in a dog’s life.





Our Mission

A Tail of 4 Paws is a non profit, no kill, foster based animal rescue organization.

We are dedicated to rescuing animals while focusing on our primary objectives of:

  •  Placing animals in loving, responsible, and committed family based foster homes.
  •  Providing all necessary veterinary care and medical treatment.
  •  Finding potential adopters through a comprehensive adoption process.

Beyond the adoption process, A Tail of 4 Paws is dedicated to the welfare of the animals and families.  

We will be a resource and remain connected as their journey continues.

Thank you to everyone that come out to celebrate with us at out our Second Annual Reunion!

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